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Southampton Football Club is proud to support the launch of RecoverMe!

Southampton Football Club is proud to support the launch of RecoverMe, a brand-new mobile health app that empowers individuals to manage a gambling addiction from their pocket.

The club will contribute significantly to support the growth and accessibility of the forward-thinking independent app, developed by three junior doctors, to help make treatment options more accessible and affordable for those suffering with gambling addiction.

Whilst the club recognises that gambling can form part of a fan’s enjoyment of football, we also believe that we have a responsibility to raise awareness of the support available for those that might need it.

RecoverMe’s app gives support for problem gamblers, encouraging them to seek help by providing a discrete option for support, with an aim to prevent gambling related harm nationwide.

The app’s multiple support functions, centred around scientifically-backed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, allow its users to manage their addiction by reflecting on their gambling habits, challenging thoughts and feelings around gambling and accessing mindfulness sessions, as well as having access to an emergency helpline and self-help exercises.

Its bespoke design, structure and feature

s have been developed in consultation with psychiatrists, psychologists and those currently struggling with gambling addiction in order to ensure the platform is as effective as possible, as well as providing a much more affordable form of treatment than standard methods.

Investment from the club will be used to fund further development of the app, supporting the goal of adding further features that can assist in an individual’s recovery journey, in addition to subsidising the cost of the app for individuals who need support.

This support for RecoverMe represents the latest step taken by the club to promote responsible gambling by building strong relationships with organisations positioned at the forefront of aiding those struggling with gambling addiction. It is also evidence of the club’s commitm

ent to promoting safe gambling both on matchdays and non-matchdays, and signals the club’s intention to enhance and refine its practices in unison with industry experts.

The club and RecoverMe will work together to expand, develop and raise awareness of the support that exists on the app for those struggling to manage their gambling habits as well as extending the app’s reach so that as many users as possible can benefit from it.

Southampton Football Club’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Thomas, said: “I am delighted to announce the club’s support for RecoverMe. The club takes its responsibility to promoting responsible gambling extremely seriously and it is important that we are proactive in exploring new opportunities to implement our commitment to this cause.

“We’re proud to support the launch of the RecoverMe app and I am excited by the chance to work with an organisation so

closely aligned to our values.”

RecoverMe’s co-founder, Minal Jain, commented: “We wholeheartedly believe RecoverMe will provide a lifeline to those suffering in silence. It has been incredible to see how motivated Southampton are in creating this meaningful change and we are extremely excited to be working with them to do this and we hope this is just the beginning!”

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