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Tejus and I decided that this competition would be an incredible platform to showcase our mobile health application. Throwing ourselves into the deep end, we submitted our application as well as a short video describing our reasons for pursuing this idea. Entering a room of likeminded entrepreneurs we were able to really support one another. I have never felt more inspired and motivated. We were grateful for all the feedback we received during our semi-final but moreover, we were ecstatic to have been selected to pitch at the Founder's Forum, a true privilege. Amongst a room of hugely successful entrepreneurs and business leaders we took to the stage. Both petrified and excited we introduced Bet On Me. The world's first mobile health application that delivers cognitive behavioural therapy to those suffering from a gambling addiction. Being amongst the five finalists we couldn't have asked for a better way to start our journey. Not to mention sharing the stage with the absolute legend who is Davina McCall.

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