Updated: Aug 12, 2021

There are a number of banks that provide support for individuals who are suffering with a gambling addiction.

The list below has been taken from the Gambling Commission and we felt as though it is important to be able to highlight the steps that you are able to take should you wish to take practical measures.

Card locking/blocking facility

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

A card locking feature specifically for gambling transactions.


Block specific transaction types without freezing their Mastercard entirely.


Block online payments, including gambling transactions easily from their banking app.

Bank of Scotland

A card locking feature specifically for gambling transactions.


Block debit card payments to gambling websites and apps within their banking app.

Card locking/blocking facility with additional support


Allows customers to block gambling transactions on their account, using the app. To turn off the block, customers will need to talk to the Monzo customer support team. The customer support team will ask questions to see if the situation has changed since turning on the restrictions.


Add or remove gambling restrictions on their debit cards, including on their Pay by Bank app.

A 'Cool Off Period'. This means that customers can lift a restriction but transactions will still be declined until the period has ended.

Additional tools


Various tools and support such as:

  • Financial tracking

  • Personal support and advice

  • Access to Gamban licences


Freeze and unfreeze different types of transactions on their debit cards.

Access to Gamban


A card locking feature specifically for gambling transactions.

Counselling sessions within branches

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