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  • Identify where you gamble and put measures in place to prevent you from gambling there in the future. Examples include gambling website blocking software if you gamble online  or self-exclusion from casinos and betting shops. 

  • Take control of your money. Most banks have features that allow them to block transactions to gambling operators on your behalf. Alternatively ask a close friend or family member to manage your finances 

  • Tell someone you trust about what you are going through - it will take a huge weight of your shoulders and they will support you

  • Find alternatives to gambling and  re engage with activities that you used to enjoy. If you want to match the adrenaline rush that gambling gives you think about playing a sport. If it is to replace boredom or loneliness think about what you are passionate about and do it, whether it be sports, music, art, reading or any other interest. Do it!

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