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If you need any additional help, then we recommend for you to have a listen to the great gambling addiction related podcasts below. 


All Bets Are Off


Launched in April 2020, the All Bets Are Off podcast was founded by an awesome foursome made up of three gambling addicts in recovery, along with a passionate researcher whose father struggled with a gambling addiction. From season two, the team are joined by a loving wife and paramedic Tracey, whose partner was able to find recovery around the same time the pod originally launched.


The podcast is designed for those that are in recovery or those that are contemplating joining us. This is a gambling addiction recovery podcast but it's available for everyone and so - whatever your motivation for listening to us - we just hope that you enjoy and get something from it.


On our website, you will find links to every episode of the podcast and more about the team that created them. You will also find very useful links to a whole host of support services and charities; along with tips on how to safeguard minors from gambling harm.


The Invisible Addiction



Welcome to The Invisible Addiction Podcast.


Designed to raise awareness and highlight the effects of addiction to younger people, the Podcast is hosted by Alex Lewis, who experienced compulsive gambling in his twenties.


Each episode will treat you to a natural conversation about problem gambling, with personal stories and guest interviews.


You will hear from industry experts, psychologists, campaigners, people in recovery and those from the education, research and treatment sectors.


Listen to Series 1, 2 & 3 now.


After Gambling


My name is Jamie. I'm married and have a wonderful family. I'm a small business owner, former college athlete, and honor student. Basically, I probably look a lot like many of your friends and co-workers.


I'm also a former problem gambler.


For many years, I tried to quit gambling on my own. I could quit for short stretches—and even made it nine months at one point—but would eventually relapse and end up in even worse condition than before financially and emotionally.


Now, I haven't gambled since July 15th of 2010 and I share the tips and strategies I have learned over the past ten years on The After Gambling Podcast. 


The Problem Gambling Podcast

The Problem Gambling Podcast is hosted by Barry Grant & Tony O'Reilly. Both are Addiction Counsellors with Extern  Problem Gambling and Tony has lived experience of a gambling addiction. His story was told in the critically acclaimed book "Tony10" co-written with Declan Lynch. On the Podcast, Barry & Tony interview various guests about their experience of problem gambling. This is a mix of others with lived experience and professionals working in the field. The Podcast also explores various topics relating to gambling recovery using the presenter's vast personal and professional knowledge & experience of disordered gambling. 


All In

In January of 2015, All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast started as a way for Brian to talk to his friend Chris about his gambling addiction. Through talking about his problem, Brian was able to get to a healthy place in recovery away from his addiction. Chris returned to his life and Jeff joined the show to co-host. Brian’s story finished, so we welcomed new friends in recovery to share their struggle with gambling addiction. Since then we have grown to over 200 episodes of interviews with persons with lived experience, affected others, advocates, mental health workers, clinicians, and more! All are welcome here to lend their voice to the conversation surrounding gambling addiction and its impact on society. This podcast is dedicated to all those suffering from addiction. We hear you!   #TalkingHelps

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